How to Start Drinking Wine | Sweet White Wines for Beginners

Wine Types
Are you a beginner or new to the world of white wine and you’re wondering where to start? This video will teach you about the best white wines for you to enjoy, even if you’re just starting to drink wine!

Intro 0:00
How to pick the best white wine for you: 1:24
Sweet white wines: 2:44
Dry white wines: 4:15
More advanced white wines: 5:26

White Wines Recommended:

Pinot Grigio: Essenza di Vita – 2018

Riesling: Fess Parker – 2018
Moscato: Centorri – 2019

Chardonnay: Bread and Butter – 2018
Sauvignon Blanc: Kia Ora – 2019

Advanced White WIne: Valserrano – 2018 and Val do Sosego – 2018

This video begins by describing the system we developed to decide which white wine would taste best for you as a beginner. We recommend starting with a Pinot Grigio. This is a good middle of the road white wine that can let you know whether you would prefer a more dry/complex wine or a more sweet wine.

If you would prefer a more sweet white wine, we recommend going with either a Moscato of a Riesling. Both of these sweet white wines are great for a beginner’s palate.

However, if you try the Pinot Grigio and decide you’re ready for a dry and more complex white wine, try either a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc wine next.

At the end of this video, we describe some more advanced white wine selections. These two white wines, although great for beginners, can be more difficult to find in a store, as compared to the other wine varieties mentioned.

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***Must be 21 of age to consume alcohol in the United States. Please, enjoy alcohol responsibly.

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