Red Wines of Southern Italy, Sicily & Sardinia | Explained!

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We’re nearly finished with our complete tour of pretty much all Italian wines. I mean, there are so many in Italy, it’d be hard to cover them all entirely, but this is our 10TH episode on Italian wine, and it’ll be our penultimate, just one left to go. Today, we’re going where it’s even sunnier and warmer than everywhere else in Italy, we’re going South for an overview of the red wine wonders you should explore from Puglia in the Heel of the Italian Boot, from the beautiful Campania region around Naples, but also from Basilicata and Calabria. I’ll also give you a quick roundup of the most interesting wines from the 2 big Italian Islands that are Sicily and Sardinia. We’ve got a lot to cover so, let’s go…

00:00 – Intro
01:45 – The Vinous Puglia
04:10 – Campania, Basilicata, & Calabria
06:56 – From the Islands… Sicily & Sardinia

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