Kilju Recipe – Sugar Wine – Making Mojito Kilju

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Kilju is a Finnish Sugar Wine that is sometimes flavored with various fruits and juices. It has a bad reputation for bad flavor too! Well, we wanted to make a kilju recipe that DIDN’T taste bad, and Derica loves Mojitos, so… MOJITO KILJU!
We used mint from our garden, and lime peel from our trees. I’d have grown the sugar too if we had a few acres to do it on. Anyway, kilju is pretty simple and a great beginner brew. If you don’t have wine yeast, feel free to use bread yeast in this one, as that’s how it’s traditionally made anyway!

1 1/2 ounces Fresh Mint
2 1/2 lbs Sugar
Zest of one Lime
71B yeast
Warm Water to Fill to One Gallon

How Important are Tannins and Acids in Brewing?:

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